Your personal brand is your identity
Your Identity  =  Your Truth  +  Your Appearance  x  Your Experience

Be Authentic

Shine a spotlight on the gap between who you feel you are and who you really are.

Find Your Voice

No matter what your circumstances, you have a story. Yours should be written and told by you, no one else.

Blaze Your Trail

You’re living your life. Make it count. Take the road never traveled – yours.

The Experience
1Looking BackAnswer questions designed to discover the turning points that shaped your identity and beliefs.
2Facing ForwardThe face is the gateway to the psyche. Start to discover the relationship you have with your appearance and learn to put your best face forward.
3Going DeepPut it all together. Explore the relationship you have with yourself, write your story and craft your soundbite.
Find Your PsyPhotology Quotient
By now you might be asking. Am I authentic? Living a Big Life? Telling my story? Am I censoring myself? Or do I act out to avoid being found out? We can help you answer these questions. Assessing your PsyPhotology Quotient, or PQ, will enable you to discover the thoughts and feelings you have toward yourself, your appearance and your approach to life. Want to blaze a trail? Start by taking the PQ.
Chief Psychology Officer
Chief Photography Officer

We were frustrated. Fed up hearing people describe themselves like a commodity to be marketed or sold, or a set of work experiences squeezed into an online form or Word Template. We were irked that friends, colleagues and clients always seemed to define themselves by what they did, not who they were or what they had experienced (and in the same breath want to be authentic.) So we decided to do something about it. Our manifesto?  We want to give you choice. To stop looking and sounding like everyone else and begin to look and sound like yourself. At PsyPhotology we have little interest in what you do – we want to know who you are. Our mission is to reveal and celebrate the real you. Not what your boss, mom, dad, spouse or friend tell you should be. Or what that inner critic says you shouldn’t be. We want to give you the opportunity to explore and own the relationship you have with your appearance and own and embrace the relationship you have with yourself. 

You’re probably thinking OK, sounds interesting but what is it. The best way we have found to describe PsyPhotology is to imagine you’re wearing a pair of x-ray specs. The kind you may have seen advertised in comics or magazines. The thrill of wearing these specs is that you get to see what is hidden, mysterious or off limits. Our version of these special glasses is the insight you get standing in front of a camera having your headshot taken (believe us it’s an revealing experience) and then sitting on a couch exploring who you really are and what really matters to you. 

So we want you to join our movement #Iammyexperience. Who can join? Anyone. We have designed PsyPhotology to be available to a range of people at different stages of their lives or career. Just graduated and feel you have no story, at a career cross roads and want to discover your true potential and brand, C-Suite executive who wants to move the needle so you don’t just influence people but move them emotionally. We have literally got you covered.

We guarantee spending time with us both will be fun and spending time with yourself insightful and liberating. We want you to join our movement, Take back yourself and own your story.

Join our movement – anna-sigpeter-sig


In this video of their Tedx talk Anna and Peter describe the art and science behind PsyPhotology.

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